TTIP free universities

If we’re going to stop TTIP and CETA we need opposition right across society. That’s why students and academics are mobilising to create TTIP Free Universities, supporting and strengthen the TTIP Free Zones campaign and the wider movement against corporate power.

Education is in the firing line of these trade deals. The UK government has already been busy privatising higher education, and TTIP and CETA threaten to lock that privatisation in. The new legal powers that corporations are set to acquire through the ISDS mechanism mean that they could sue any future government which sought to overturn privatisation and bring education back into public hands. And TTIP and CETA also include clauses to guarantee ‘market access’ – code for enabling private providers to further enter the education sector.

On top of this, TTIP and CETA are about the future shape of our societies – how much they will be run for the public good or in the private interest, whether we will have real democracies or not. Today’s students will be inheriting that society and don’t want to see it sold off to the highest bidder. So it’s no wonder they’re fighting back and demanding their own institutions go TTIP Free.

The TTIP Free Universities campaign is being run by Global Justice Now, Students Against TTIP and the University and Colleges Union. They’re working to get students’ unions, UCU branches and ultimately universities themselves to pass motions opposing TTIP, as well as spreading awareness and activity around these deals on campuses.

Resources for the campaign are available – see the model motions below, as well as further resources on the Students Against TTIP website.

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